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Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The Roman Virgin's Mistress

The Roman's Virgin Mistress/Michelle Styles/ Harlequin Mills & Boon/Historical/ ISBN 978-0-263-85185-4/pb/296pgs

Silvana Junia knows that people gossip about her but she brushes this aside contemptuously until she meets Aurelius Fortis, a powerful rich Roman who has come to Baiae, ostensibly to enjoy himself and protect his nephew from this scandalous woman. He has another secret mission, which is to track down and destroy a notorious pirate.

From the start, when he pulls her from the sea at the harbour wall, they find each other too attractive to ignore, but because of the scandals surrounding Silvana they are destined to misunderstand each other. Despite a powerful attraction, Silvana is determined to save her pride and her honour, even when Fortis risks his life in a dangerous chariot race. Can she overcome her past to find love with the man who wants her, and can he win the woman he loves and end the reign of the dreaded pirates?

This is another beautifully researched love story from a masterful storyteller. It is well worth its five red roses. Roxy

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