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Monday, 2 July 2007

The Djinni

The Djinni/Minx Malone/ebook
Alliandre receives a letter from her dead grandmother revealing a secret room where all her spells and magic books are kept. Ally finds the ruby ring her grandmother told her about and the erotic dreams begin. Damien comes to her in dreams fulfilling her every fantasy.

What Ally doesn't know is that her friend Jasmine had tried the ring years ago and is still bewitched by Damien. Ally can't resist trying the ring again and discovers that Damien has been under a spell for thousands of years, forced to pleasure the owners of the ring. Because she cares for him, Ally returns with Damien to ancient Egypt to try and find the Book of the Dead in an effort to set him free. However, the secret is closer to home and only she can find it.

I loved this imaginiative story about the magic of ancient Egypt and the power of love. This author knows how to weave spells through the written word and is one to look out for. This book is temporarily out of print through no fault of the author. Remember her name for the future, because I am sure she will find a new publisher. Hughly sensual and very readable. 5 red roses, Anne

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