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Wednesday 14 November 2007

Interview with Secret St. James

Tell us a little about yourself: First I’d like to thank Linda for this opportunity and introduce myself. Thank you, Linda and I’m Secret St.James. Now little about myself, I’ve been married for almost twenty years to the same wonderful man. I have two wonderful boys ‘waits for the lighting strike’ I have several cats and one dog. We live in a small town in Michigan well about five minutes outside of town.
What do you write? I write: Paranormal / Fantasy other than that it depends on what my ‘voices’ characters tell me. *laughs*
Why do you write? I write because I enjoy it.
What are you writing now? I’m working on several books right now and yes paranormal / fantasy.
What kind of clothes do you like to wear? Jeans and a nice shirt and I’m happy.
Are you in love? Have you ever been? Yes and yes. With the same man for over twenty years now
Do you have a dream lover – and what does he look like? Don’t we all? And the lead singer from Skid Row, It’s the hair.
What kind of comfort food do you like best? Chocolate
What makes you laugh? Cry? My friend in Texas when she’s ranting about the stupid people that drive, I don’t
What do you do to amuse yourself when not working? I read
What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please! You mean my husband is suppose to turn me on *laughs* that would depend on what he’s doing.
What do you hate about life? Life is too short to hate it.
What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success? When one wakes up each morning should be achievement and success enough.
What are you going to write next? We’ll have to wait and see what the voices tell me*grins*

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