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Saturday 10 November 2007

Ask Adam

Ask Adam/Jess Dee/Samhain Publishing/ebook/174 pages

Lexi Tanner needs to see someone urgently, but the hotel receptionist tells her that Mr AJ Riley isn't available. As she is leaving the hotel she nearly tumbles down the stairs but is saved by a wall of solid muscle that turns out to be the sexiest man on two legs! When they next meet their mutual need leads to a night of fantastic sex. Lexi doesn't even ask who he is; she doesn't need to know, because this is just a casual fling. However, fate decrees otherwise and suddenly her projecy for charity is in danger - but so is her heart.

Can Lexi find happiness or has it all gone wrong for her and Adam? Adam is haunted by the past. Can he overcome his fears and believe in a new love?

This is a powerful sensul love story. The sex scenes explode off the page, but there is much more than just sex to this riveting tale. Written with style and flair, this book grabs you from the start and holds you to the end. Highly recommended! Five red roses, Anne

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