Christmas Awards 2011

Tuesday 3 August 2010

Favourite books

Scandal by Amanda Quick

Publisher: Bantam Books

March 1991

ISBN: 0-553-28932-2

Pages: 329

Emily Faringdon has resigned herself to being a spinster after an indiscretion in her youth. Emily meets the man of her dreams when she embarks on a correspondence with a new pen pal. She soon finds herself falling in love with her pen pal. Emily knows that she will never have a chance to meet him but in her dreams she will have everything she has convinced herself that she will never be able to have in life. In his letters she finds a sensitive and intelligent man.

Simon Augustus Traherne, Earl of Blade, has a secret in his past that has made him the man he is now. With all of London cowering at his feet he is getting what he has set out to get many years before. He also has the chance to avenge the past. The only person who sees Simon for who and what he truly is and will never cower before him is Emily. She is fast taking his plans that he has had in place for years and turning them upside down. Simon is going to have to decide just what is more important to him, his plans or Emily.

Emily knows that the only way to make Simon truly happy is to find the heart of her golden eyed dragon and make sure that Simon looks to the future and finally lets go of the past or they will never have the chance at happiness that is within their reach. Only time will tell if Emily will be able to tame the dragon or if Simon will let everything come crashing down around him.

This is a story that will have the reader rooting for the character as they try to find their way to happiness. This book has humor in that makes sure that it doesn’t get to dark or heavy. The story will have the reader hoping that the characters find their way to forgiving the past so that they can have the happy future that the hero and heroine so richly deserve. This is hard book to put down once you start to read it. You want to find out how it all ends and the ending does not disappoint at all.

I give this one 5 red roses

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