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Monday, 9 August 2010

Echoes of a Promise





This Regency Romance story begins in London 1875.

Miss Victoria Shelford, walking home from the Bloomsbury Foundling Hospital in London, where she was a volunteer helper, was preoccupied with her thoughts about the difference between the privileged families, of which she was one and the poor and homeless. She had just witnessed a young girl giving birth on a filthy floor and she had died. Victoria was angry about the unfairness in England between the classes and wished that she could change society.

As she neared her home her Mother’s carriage drew up and her young sister Emily rushed from the carriage crying. Emily was very shy and tongue tied when she was out in company, it was driving their Mother to desperation and she despaired of ever finding a husband for Emily. But soon Emily was to become the favoured daughter and Victoria was to fall from grace.

Mr. George Sheldford their father, was an MP and was soon to be re-elected; Victoria had always been his favourite daughter, as he considered her the most intelligent female of his family.

Unfortunately life was to take a disastrous turn for Victoria, when she was sent to stay with her Great Aunt Honoria in Devon. While she was staying with her Aunt she met a young sea Captain Peter Latham, whom she later married, much to the disgust of her parents. When shortly after her marriage her young husband died she tried to return to the family home but she was not welcomed and unless she admitted that she had never really been married her parents would not receive her. Victoria could not believe their attitude and would not lie about her marriage and so she was disowned by her family.

When her sister Emily made, surprisingly, a very advantageous marriage, Victoria was welcomed by her sister and new brother-in-law but still not by her parents.

Eventually Victoria decided to make a new life, she was comfortably placed by her husband’s legacy, much to her surprise, and so she decided to travel.

Victoria was to find a new life and meet someone in Kashmir whom she learned to love and admire, would fate be kind to her at last, Andrew Wyndham was not an easy man to get to know?

Read this unusual book and travel with Victoria through her many adventures, I am sure you will enjoy the journey. I award this book 4.5 Red Roses.

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