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Friday 13 August 2010

A Change Of Fortune





ISBN 978-0-7090-8999-5.

This Regency romance takes place in London, in the year 1813, it is December and is cold and icy. Two young ladies are walking beside the frozen Serpentine, watching the laughing skaters enjoying themselves; unbeknown to them they were being watched by a young man. The watcher was not interested in the maid but the obviously wealthy and beautiful young woman was of interest to him and he determined to find out who she was.

When they walked back to the seminary, where the young lady was still living, although she was twenty years old, he followed them and smiled as he saw them enter the seminary.

She was in fact Miss Leonie Conyngham, a very rich young lady and she was awaiting the return of her father, after several years, from abroad before embarking on her first season in London.

Leonie was a very popular pupil at the exclusive Mayfair Seminary, both with the pupils and with the teachers. She has so much to look forward to and is very excited about seeing her father again.

The young man who was watching in the frost was a notorious rake named The Duke of Thornbury. He formed plans to pursue the young heiress and had also talked about his intentions to meet her ,to his friend Edward Longhurst, another undesirable young rake.

Unfortunately a disaster is to overtake Leonie’s father which is threatening to ruin the rest of her life. She is to become penniless and homeless and is forced to depend on being taken on as a very lowly place as junior teacher in the seminary. It seems that all of her plans have now to be forgotten, because Leonie has no relations to take her in, she is completely alone in the world and she cannot hope for any help from anyone.

There must be a hero somewhere who can rescue Leonie, but where is he?
This is a lovely story and great reading finding out what will happen to the beautiful Miss Leonie Conyngham, and enjoy the excellent writing from this author. I award this book 5 Red Roses.AS

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