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Sunday, 6 December 2009

An Interview with Fenella Miller

Tell us a little about yourself

What do you write? Romantic historical fiction

Why do you write? Because I have to – it's what I am – a writer. However, my wish is for a reader to pick up my book and love it, to be transported to another world for a few hours.

What are you writing now? I am writing a romantic suspense set in 1940 in and around Debden airfield.

What kind of clothes do you like to wear? Casual - I wore a skirt the other day and my friend didn't recognize me.

Are you in love? Have you ever been? I have been in love - but fortunately that changes to loving someone in a different way. Although I love to write about passionate relationships.

Do you have a dream lover – and what does he or she look like?
My dream lover is a character usually, Richard Sharpe (played by Sean Bean of course) or the dishy doctor in Gray's Anatomy, known as Macdreamy.

What kind of comfort food do you like best?
I love chocolate – but have to limit myself to a couple of bits once a week. I avoid 'comfort food' as I'm gluten intolerant. Also have lost 18lbs and have no wish to put it back again.

What makes you laugh? Cry?
Sometimes a book makes me laugh out loud, but not very often. Usually a film, something like Mama Mia. I shed a few surreptitious tears when Didge died on Neighbours - when my last dog died, and at weddings and funerals.

What do you do to amuse yourself when not working?
Writing is not working, as far as I'm concerned. I walk the dog twice a day, go to a French conversation class and meet up with other writers at least once a week. I also read a couple of books a week.

What is it in a man or woman that turns you on? The clean version please!
I like a tall man, with a good head of hair and a charismatic smile. After that it's personality that counts.

What do you hate about life?
Nothing -why should I? I'm doing what I've always dreamt of doing, am a published writer, my children are happy, I'm happy - could do with more money, but who couldn't?

What do you hope to achieve in life and when will you know that you have been a success?
I'm determined to become a successful writer, to have hundreds of thousands of eager readers rather than hundreds.

What are you going to write next?
When I've finished the current romantic suspense I will be back to writing Regency romantic adventure, my two publishers would be put out if they didn't get something new every year.

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