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Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Devilish Lord, Mysterious Miss

Devilish Lord, Mysterious Miss by Annie Burrows
Mills and Boon Historical Romance
4 Stars

Annie Burrows' latest Regency for Mills and Boon is an enthralling and suspensful romantic tale which will keep you engrossed until the final page!

Christopher, Lord Matthison, had fallen head over heels in love with Cora Montague, his best friend's younger sister, from the very first moment he laid eyes on her. Despite the difference in social classes - and his need to marry an heiress - Lord Matthison had been determined to wed Cora. But just days before the wedding, he had disappeared off the face of the earth...

Lord Matthison had searched high and low for the woman he loved more than anything else. But Cora Montague was nowhere to be found. Sinking slowly in a cycle of degradation, dissipation and gambling, Lord Matthison wasted his life drinking and raising hell. But one night, on his way home after yet another session at the cards table he finally spots her; the woman who is the mirror image of his beloved Cora. But, he is shocked when he confronts her and realizes that she has no recollection of him... or of her own past.

Mary is a simple seamstress at Madame Pichot's boutique who had come to London seven years ago and who is unable to remember a single thing about her past...but one kiss from Lord Matthison's lips and she is utterly enchanted. As Mary slowly falls for Lord Matthison, she cannot help but wonder whether she is setting herself up for heartbreak...or whether Lord Matthison's love will unlock the secrets of her past..and her heart.

Devilish Lord, Mysterious Miss is an absolutely fantastic read that will captivate and enchant romance readers everywhere. Full of intrigue and romance, Devilish Lord, Mysterious Miss is a captivating Regency historical romance fans just shouldn't miss.

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annie burrows said...

Glad you enjoyed this story!
to get such a positive review, from an author of your stature, has really given me a boost,
Annie B