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Tuesday 16 June 2009

Turning Thirty-Twelve

Turning Thirty-Twelve
Sandy James
Book strand
Ebook 200 pages

Jacqueline Marie Delgado is beginning to realise what it means to be middle aged. Taking her son Nate to college and leaving him there is a heart rending experience and meeting her ex with his younger wife doesn’t help. She has her work at school to keep her busy but the house is quiet – empty without her grown up kids. Her friends keep trying to fix her up with a date but she isn’t interested; then she meets Mark Brennan and the chemistry is right. Can Jackie let herself go and find happiness or will she mess up her chance through nerves and uncertainty?

This is a funny and very real story about a year in the life of a woman just like you and me, about trouble with the kids and a new love. It is a slice of real life that we can all relate to. Well crafted and at times tender this is well worth reading. 4.5 red roses. Linda

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Sandy James said...

Thank you for the beautiful review, Linda!! :-)