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Thursday 11 June 2009

Shadows Of The Past

Margaret Blake
Shadows Of The Past
Publisher Robert Hale
ISBN 978-0-7090-8774-8
223 pages

This is a classy romance suspense about a woman who has lost her memory. When Alva’s husband claims her and takes her back to his private island, she cannot remember anything that happened to her before her accident. At first she dislikes the seemingly cold man she cannot recognise. Then she begins to feel a strong physical sense of attraction when he is with her. However, when she learns that he believes she tried to kill herself to get rid of their baby, Alva knows something is wrong. She may not be able to remember, but she knows she would never do anything like that – it is just not in her.

Slowly the mystery begins to unravel and pieces of the past come back to her. An attempt on her life makes her realise that she must know something that someone else considers dangerous. Will she recover her memory in time to save both her marriage and her life – or will she remember something that blows her whole world apart?

This book has a surprising ending and is a page-turner. I give the book 4,5 red roses, Morna

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