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Tuesday 16 June 2009

A Cursed Heart

A Cursed Heart By Keelia Greer
Wolf Anthology
Red Rose Publishing
Ebook 59 pages

Tani is a Druidess in Scotland and she s experiencing vivid dreams of a dark haired man in terrible agony. He begs her to come to him and a longing to be with him and ease his pain grows steadily in her heart. She prays for guidance and is sent pain to bring her to the soul binding. She is told her mate’s name is Owein. He is part man and part wolf due to a cures. But someone wants her dead. Can she reach her soulmate and help him so that they can find happiness together?

A tale of magic, romance and passion. A spellbinding tale that keeps you glued to the page. Well worth reading – and remember these books have been written to help the wolves. 4.5 red roses, Morna

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Tambra said...

Thank you for the lovely review and for reminding readers they also help the wolves of Full Moon Farm.

Tambra Kendall