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Friday 5 September 2008

A Secret Treasure

Lindsay Townsend/A Secret Treasure/Bookstrand/ebook 102 pages

Eve’s brother David is missing. So when the Governor of Rhodes Island’s henchmen call she is nervous. However, one of them seems genuinely concerned. Both David and her father are outspoken and have made their dislike of Mussolini and his fascists plain – is it possible that David is involved in something dangerous?

Julio Falcone is on holiday in Rhodes. He is an armed policeman and he has been asked to inquire into this case of a missing person. His questions disturb Eve. She is no longer sure if she can trust him. She is determined to find her brother. Her parents won’t tell her anything; annoyed and frustrated, she thinks that Falcone is following her when she goes shopping. Is he following her because he thinks she can lead him to her brother or for a different reason?

When David turns up with only a slight injury, the mystery deepens and things become more dangerous. David has a secret that could get them into big trouble. Can Eve trust Julio?

This is an exciting mystery romance that takes place during troubled times, before the Italians joined the Germans in World War 11. As usual, Townsend carries the reader with her to the finish of this story, which ends with a clever twist. Well worth reading. 4.5 red roses. Linda

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Lindsay Townsend said...

Thanks, Linda, for this lovely review! Much appreciated! Best wishes, Lindsay