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Thursday 4 September 2008

An Improper Suitor

Monica Fairview/An Improper suitor/Robert Hale/hardback/224 £18.99
ISBN 978-0-7090-8620-8

Julia Swifton is living with her grandmother. Her mother died of a broken heart, because Julia’s father deserted her when they were young. Julia has grown up with a dislike of rakes, so when her grandmother says that she must marry within a certain time limit or she will oblige her to marry Lord Thorwynn, a noted rake, she is quite determined that nothing will induce her to do so!

However, after a brush with a most unpleasant character called Captain Neave, who is Thorwynn’s enemy, Julia is pushed into closer contact with him. Discovered in an embarrassing embrace, she expects to be the centre of scandal. Thorwynn is prepared to do the right thing and marry her, but much to their surprise not a word of scandal escapes. What is going on and is there a deeper plot here?

This is a well-paced Regency romance, fun, nicely written and sprinkled with period detail of the right sort. I liked the heroine’s style and the hero was of course delicious. One of the best Regency stories I’ve read for a while. 4.5 red roses. Linda

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