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Saturday 6 September 2008

The Duchess

Rhonda Lee/The Duchess/Eternal Press/ebook/107 pages

The Duchess is bored with her boor of a husband. He treats her as if she were nothing and she is angry when he goes off without telling her where he intends to go. Bored with her life, the Duchess decides to experiment. She taunts a poor farmer into touching her naked body and invites him to bring his wife to court, perhaps with a threesome in mind. However, the next day a handsome peasant name Gabriel arrives asking for an audience. Gabriel is a hunk but even he doesn’t satisfy the Duchess’s whims. She embarks on a series of sexual adventures, learning many new tricks, but what will happen when the Duke returns home?

This is a highly sensual book, almost entirely about sexual encounters. It ended as if a sequel was intended. The story is very definitely not a romance, which is what Red Roses For Authors is all about. However, readers who enjoy erotica will I imagine find this a must. Only for adults! I give the book four red roses but on an erotica site I think it would probably get more. Morna

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Rhonda Lee said...

Thank you very much for your fair and flattering review :) I'm very happy!