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Thursday, 27 December 2007

Wind Song

Rita Karnopp/Wind Song/Eternal Press/276 pages/ebook

Leota is called the Woman of the People. She listens to the voices of the spirits, the ancestors of her People, and she tries to warn the chiefs against making a treaty with the White Man. However, it is a white man who helps her when she has been attacked by her enemies, and against her better judgement, Leota is drawn to the man Marsh. In allowing herself to care for him, Leota risks being denied by her People. Even though Marsh and his nephew Tanner help the Blackfoot tribe to which Leota belongs, they are not at first truly accepted. After many trials and some tragedy, the three set out for the white man's territory. Leota is determined to learn the ways of the white man and teach her people, but they are strange to her and her love for Spirit Dancer, as Marsh has been named, is almost destroyed before they reach a peaceful place.

This is the story of the way the native American Indian was betrayed by the white man and their own love of cheap whiskey. It is sad to know that a proud, spiritual race was brought low by the neglect and broken promises of people who had given their word. Karnopp writes with sensitivity and hope and a real understanding of what happened. Some of her writing is lyrical in its beauty and it touches the soul. I loved this book and give it five red roses. Anne

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