Christmas Awards 2011

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Edmund Bertram's Diary

Amanda Grange/Edmund Bertram's Diary/ Robert Hale
ISBN978-0-7090-8464-8 £18.99/ 222 pages

The retelling of one of Jane Austen's classic stories in diary form sees Edmund Bertram telling his story as never before. At the beginning we explore the relationship between Edmund and Tom in a new light, and the arrival of Fanny at Mansfield Park is an event of very little importance in a young man's life. Edmund is more concerned with his future; the necessity of deciding upon a career occupies his thoughts far more than the new arrival. However, his careless kindness at the beginning gradually becomes something more as we watch the friendship develop and then see Edmund struggle with first love. We experience his pain and disappointment when he realises that the women he believes he loves has feet of clay, and we see his thoughts as he slowly comes to the realisation that he truly loves Fanny.

Grange captures the flavour and period extremely well, giving those of us who cannot get enough of this type of novel a story that is both cleverly told and enjoyable. Some readers who might not venture into the original novels will find this easier to read and perhaps be tempted to read Austen as well as watch the films. Altogether a delightful piece of work! Five red roses, Linda

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