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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

A Bribe Against The Innocent

MC Halliday/ A Bribe Against The Innocent/ Dark Eden Press/ebook/155pages

Inspector Octavia Cambridge is ordered to investigate two unusual murders, which happened several years apart. Octavia has a hard time keeping her mind on the job while the gorgeous DCS Richmond is with her, but once on the way to Devon with her sergeant her thoughts settle to the task ahead. However, Richmond joins her on the case and proves to be good at his work. She visits the obnoxious Robert Norwood, who denies all knowledge of either murder and promptly blackmails his brother Graham. What isn't Octavia being told and can she trust her instincts? Abuse, pain and despair lie at the heart of the mystery, which is multi-threaded. Can Octavia unravel this complicated case and solve these dark crimes?

This is a strong story with a good mystery, interesting characters and a believable plot. At the end it is left open for more stories to come and the relationship between Richmond and Cambridge to develop. I look forward to reading more from this author. Five red roses, Anne

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