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Monday 22 September 2014

The Prince Who Loved Me

The Prince Who Loved Me by Karen Hawkins

Publisher: Pocket Books

September 2014

ISBN: 978-1-4516-8524-4

Pages: 355

Historical, Romance

A handsome prince who is also a rake and doesn’t believe in true love meets a lass that is stubborn and who won’t settle for less.

Prince Alexsey Romanovin enjoys a carefree life with flirting and more with any lady that crosses his path.  Then the interfering Grand Duchess Natasha decides it is time for Alexsey, her grandson, to wed.  Alexsey soon finds himself in Scotland determined to put an end to those plans.  Bronwyn Murdoch seems the perfect answer as she isn’t to the duchess’s taste at all as she is brainy, bookish and bespectacled.  

Bronwyn has little time for a handsome flirt when she is at the beck and call of her ambitious stepmother and her social butterfly stepsisters.  She is sure no spoiled arrogant prince would be seriously interested in a firm-minded female like herself.  Now she is determined to have some fun and turn the prince’s game around on him and show him that an ordinary woman can bring a prince to his knees.

This is a fun story that takes the fairy tale of Cinderella and turns it into a Scottish tale that has a lot of humor in it.  The characters are fun and interesting and keep the reader glued to the pages as they see just what will happen next and if Bronwyn will get a happily-ever-after.   This a great start to a new series that if the rest of the stories prove to be as original as this one it is going to be one series that will be a lot of fun and will pull at readers’ heartstrings.  Readers will also never look at Cinderella the same again after reading this one.  It will also have readers wondering just what fairy tale will be next that will get it own twist. 

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


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