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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

The Last Orphans

The Last Orphans by N.W. Harris

Publisher: Clean Teen Publishing

October 2014

ISBN: 978-1940534893

Pages: 222

Contemporary, Young Adult

Leeville & Atlanta, Georgia

 Shane Tucker is a normal sixteen-year-old until one horrifying day changes all that for him and every other kid in the world.

In just hours the entire adult population is gone leaving just their children behind to take care of themselves in the aftermath of a freak, horrific occurrence.  Now Shane is a newly made elder of his small town.  Shane finds himself in the role of caretaker for a large group of juvenile survivors.  One of which is Kelly Douglas who before now was an out-of-his league classmate.  Who before everything happened wouldn’t give Shane a second glance. 

All together the survivors begin a quest to find out just why the adult population was slaughtered.  What they didn’t expect was to find more horrifying then the deaths is that the annihilation of the adults was just the start of what is happening.  Shane and his friends think they are just the unlucky survivors left to deal with the new messed up planet.  Now they find out they are in actuality the next victims.  There is an unknown power that won’t stop until the entire human population is dead. 

This is a start of a series that if the rest is as good as this one will prove to be a phenomenal series.  The way the kids are forced to deal with what has happened and how they overcome every obstacle that is placed in their path makes for a powerful story that is one that readers won’t soon forget.  The action is non-stop and seeing how Shane and his group of friends stick together and work together to deal with the new reality of their life is engrossing and makes for a read that is very hard to put down.  It will also have readers eagerly awaiting the next book to come out to see just where this is headed.  It ends with a cliffhanger that works very well with the story overall.  This is series that is sure to prove a favorite among readers of all ages.

I give this one 5 red roses


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