Christmas Awards 2011

Monday 16 January 2012

The Snow Bride

The Snow Bride by Lindsay Townsend

Publisher: Bookstrand

Pages: 302

Historical, paranormal

Elfrida is a witch whose sister has been kidnapped by someone that is stealing brides from the different villages. Now Elfrida is willing to use herself as bait so that she can save her sister before it is too late. What she isn’t ready for is her attraction to Sir Magnus. Being the witch of the woods has guaranteed that no man is willing to ask for her hand in marriage no matter all her many kindnesses. All that seems to change when she joins Magnus in his bid to find the missing brides from the villages and her sister. Elfrida knows if they aren’t able to find the brides it might end up being to late to save them from the one that has them.

Magnus is a knight that has fought in the crusades and has the scars to prove it. Now he has been summoned to some villages to help them recover some missing brides. Now he is doing everything to find the three missing brides. First he is going to have to use his wits against the stalker so that Magnus has a chance to find the brides and bring them home. What he doesn’t count on is his reaction to the “fourth” bride that he ends up rescuing before she can be kidnapped also. With his scars and disfigurement he is sure that he will never have a chance at love or ever have a wife but all that changes when he meets Elfrida.

Magnus knows that as soon as Elfrida and he find the missing brides he is going to see about building a future that he suddenly sees as possible now that he has found Elfrida but first they are going to have to out smart the one that has taken the brides. That is proving not to be as easy as he would like but Magnus knows that he needs to help Elfrida find her sister so that they can start on their own future. They will have to find a way to outwit the one behind the kidnappings otherwise the outcome will be very grime.

This is a wonderful twist on Beauty and the Beast. The story unfolds for the reader and draws the reader in as they watch two strong willed people learn to compromise so that they can find the happiness they both want so badly. The paranormal elements in this one make it very interesting and will keep the reader guessing what is going on and what will happen next. For readers that enjoy Beauty and the Beast they will love this one and won’t want to miss it. The author took the original story and made it her own with the twist and turns she gave this tale.

I give this one 4 red roses

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