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Monday 16 January 2012

The Danger That is Damion

The Danger that is Damion by Lisa Renee Jones

Publisher: Sourcebooks

May 2012

ISBN: 978-1-4022-5162-7

Pages: 352

Contemporary Paranormal

Lara Martin was created to be one of the first female GTECH soldiers. She is trained to go after and kill both the Zodius and the Renegades GTECHs. Lara is determined to get her vengeance against the other GTECHs after she has been told they are behind the deaths of her family. Now she just has to find a way to do her mission so that she can defeat the Zodius and Renegades. What she doesn’t count on is her attraction to Damion and what she is sure is a betrayal of her family but things are starting to look like she doesn’t know the whole truth and now the question becomes who can she trust and what that truth really is.

Damion Browne is a Renegade that is doing everything he can to save the human population. While he is happy for his friends that have found their Lifebonds he never thought he would have one himself. Now he has to help Lara find the truth before it is too late. For Lara’s life is in danger and he knows that while he never expected to have a Lifebond he isn’t about to let anything happen to the one he now has.

Lara is going to have to decide if she can trust Damion because he is the only one that makes her feel safe and seems to be the only port in the storm. Damion knows they need to work together so that they have a chance at coming out of this fight alive because someone is after Lara and Damion is determined that they will have to go through him first before they even have a chance to get close to Lara. As they fight those after them their trust in each other shows them very clearly the only place they will find peace is with each other and that the only place to get the love they want is with each other.

This is a book that once you start reading the story it will not let you go. There are very few books I have read that once I put them down to sleep or do something else I can’t get them out of my mind. This is one story that will haunt you in a very good way after you put it down. This is one that you will hate yourself if you miss. The characters are such that they will get into your mind and they will not let go for any reason. The story is remarkable in that once you are pulled into it you will not want to leave it for any reason. This one is an absolute keeper. Do not miss this remarkable story.

I give this one 5 plus red roses

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