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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Featured Author Jane Odiwe

Jane Odiwe blogs at UK Historical. She is also a brilliant artist and produces beautiful cards with imges of the Regency period.

Her latest book is featured here.

Willoughby’s Return

From the publisher Sourcebooks:

A lost love returns, rekindling forgotten passions…

In Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, when Marianne Dashwood marries Colonel Brandon, she puts her heartbreak over dashing scoundrel John Willoughby in the past.

Three years later, Willoughby's return throws Marianne into a tizzy of painful memories and exquisite feelings of uncertainty. Willoughby is as charming, as roguish, and as much in love with her as ever. And the timing couldn't be worse—with Colonel Brandon away and Willoughby determined to win her back, will Marianne find the strength to save her marriage, or will the temptation of a previous love be too powerful to resist?

When Marianne Dashwood weds Colonel Brandon both are aware of the other’s past attachments; Marianne’s grand passion for the charming but ruthless John Willoughby and, Brandon’s tragic amour for his lost love Eliza. Three years on Marianne is living contentedly with her husband and child at Delaford Park, although Marianne's passionate, impulsive and sometimes jealous behaviour is an impediment to her true happiness. News that John Willoughby and his wife have returned to the West Country brings back painful memories for Marianne and with the demise of Mrs. Smith of Allenham Court comes the possibility of Mr. Willoughby and his wife returning to live near Barton and the surrounding area of Devon and Dorset, a circumstance which triggers a set of increasingly challenging, yet often amusing perplexities for all concerned.
At eighteen going on nineteen, Marianne’s sister Margaret is all set to become a heroine in her own right. The stories of two heroines are woven together against the backdrops of Delaford in autumn, London and Lyme in the winter, re-visiting the scenes and characters from Sense and Sensibility that we love so much.

John Charles - Booklist

Odiwe’s elegantly stylish writing is seasoned with just the right dash of tart humor, and her latest literary endeavor is certain to delight both Austen devotees and Regency romance readers. John Charles - Booklist

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