Christmas Awards 2011

Sunday 22 May 2016


Deceptions The Battling McGuire Boys by Cynthia Eden

Publisher: Harlequin Intrigue

April 2016

ISBN: 978-0-373-69897-4

Pages: 220

Contemporary Romantic Suspense


Once Elizabeth Snow was called wild and at one time she was. Now she is just a straitlaced librarian with no interest in the sexiest, wildest McGuire. At least until she needs him to protect her from a murderous stalker. Mac is a former Delta Force that does more than protect Elizabeth – he quickly has her untamed side unleashed and is taking their attraction to the furthest edge of desire.

Secrets from both their pasts are proving to be as threatening as “The Fixer” who seems to know their every move as they hunt this monstrous killer. But can they trust each other enough to move forward? Or will a shocking truth end up proving fatal?

This is another wonderful book in a series that will stay with the reader long after each book is read and finished. The characters are complex and move the story along at a breakneck pace that doesn’t stop until the very last page. While each book can be read as a standalone though as there is a story line that links all the books together the reader would get much more out of the series reading the books in order. This is an amazing series that will have readers wanting the next book now.

I give this one 5 red roses


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