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Sunday 27 March 2016

Foolish Games

Foolish Games Family Heirloom Series Book 3 by Karen Wiesner

Publisher: Writer Exchange E-Publishing

August 2014

Pages: 246

Contemporary Inspirational Romance

Peaceful, Wisconsin

Just one year ago Peter Samuels lost his beloved wife, Lydia, to a brain tumor. Now that he is the sole caretaker of their growing children his grief continues to overwhelm him especially now that he is alone again in the world without a partner.

Kimberly Wolfe has always loved Peter from afar even though he is also her boss. She has also endured for years Lydia’s misguided attempts to set her up with one Christian man after another. She envied the love Peter and Lydia had for one another. Though more recently she has been consoling Peter in his grief of losing his wife and her close friend. Kimberly’s ability to trust men was destroyed by her domineering father when he used the bible to justify his God-given place as the head of the household while he destroyed her mother at the same time. Being a committed Christian she struggles to find forgiveness for her father especially as he refuses to repent and see the wrong he has committed.

With just one innocent kiss shared on New Year’s a growing awareness grows between Peter and Kimberly. Peter wonders if he can find love again after such devastation. Kimberly wrestle with her fears that the past has caused. Now the questions are can Peter see Kimberly as more than just an employee and a shoulder to lean on and can he accept her as a Christian woman that isn’t content to live a life without the love of a man or a family.

This is a good book for those that enjoy inspirational stories. It pulls at the reader’s heartstrings as both Peter and Kimberly work through their problems and issues.  It is a good addition in a series that is proving to be very interesting.  The characters are realistic and relatable and bring the story to life. It will also have readers looking for the next book to see how things ultimately turn out for the different characters. 

I give this one 4 red roses


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