Christmas Awards 2011

Wednesday 15 May 2013

Another Love

Another Home, Another Love

By Gwen Kirkwood

Publisher: Robert Hale

ISBN: 978-0-7090-9630-6

Rosemary Palmer-Farr is a horticultural student, approaching her 18th birthday. She is invited to celebrate the occasion with her friend, Tania Caraford, who is almost 21 years, at the Caraford’s family home. When she was younger, Rosie spent much of her time with the Caraford family, who still treat her as one of their own. Rosie’s own parents, Catherine and Douglas, were rather detached, but her mother, who had recently restored Douglas’s ancestral home, Langton Tower, was now taking an interest in her daughter and encouraging her to associate with (in her opinion) a better class of person than the Carrafords, who were tenant farmers.

Rosemary plans to manage the extensive gardens at Langton Tower once she graduates from college and when her father collects her for the celebratory weekend, he tells her how pleased he is with her decision.

The evening of the joint birthday dinner, Rosie, having visited a hairdresser with Tania, is looking particularly glamorous in a dress sent for by her mother from London. When Rosie arrives at the Caraford’s home, her stunning appearance does not go unnoticed by one of Tania’s brothers, Sam. Unfortunately, Sam’s girlfriend, Lidia, is not impressed with her boyfriend’s interest in his childhood friend, but the family find Lidia demanding and over-bearing and so do not allow her to dominate the evening.

Some weeks later, Rosie sails through her final exams and returns home to take over management of the gardens at Langton Tower. She is helped by Paul and Rodney and soon settles into her new life. It is not long, however, before Sam begins to show an interest in Rosie, realising how shallow his girlfriend, Lidia, actually is. Unfortunately, Lidia is very jealous of Sam’s relationship with Rosie and this leads to disaster for all concerned.

Read on to find out if there can ever be anything more than friendship between Rosie and Sam or will Catherine Palmer-Farr get her way and secure her daughter what she considers to be a suitable marriage.

This is a beautifully written novel with believable characters, who are regularly challenged because of the nature of their lives making a living from the land. A deep sense of community is apparent, however and this makes the novel both heart-warming and charming.

I award Another Home, Another Love four red roses.

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