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Thursday 25 October 2012

A Favorite Re-Read

Angel by Johanna Lindsay

Publisher: Avon

December 1992

ISBN: 978-0-380-075628-5

Pages: 403

1881 Texas, St. Louis & Wyoming

Cassie Stuart only had the very best intention when she tried to stop a twenty-five year old feud.  Instead of stopping it she managed to pour fuel on it and got both sides angry at her.  Now both sides are telling her to get out of Texas or her father’s ranch will be going up in flames.  What she needs now is a peacemaker not the widow-maker she has ended up with.

Angel is a hired gun that would just as soon leave Cassie to her dilemma but his stubborn sense of duty just won’t let him leave her in the mess she is currently involved in.  Angel may be unwanted by Cassie and he might want to leave but first he is determined to see if Cassie’s kiss is as sweet as he thinks it will be.  Angel is also determined to change Cassie’s mind about wanting him for more than his gun, no matter what it takes.

Cassie and Angel are going to have to find a way to deal with each other if they are going to have to any chance of dealing with the mess Cassie has stirred up with the neighbors.  That might be a lot easier said than done though.  Only time will tell if they are going to be able to fix everything.

This is a sweet story will a lot of humor that will have the reader hoping everything will work out for Cassie and Angel.  This story is sure to take the reader on a very interesting and funny ride as the characters work on the problems between them.  This is one story that can be read over and over and will be enjoyed each and every time. 

I give this one 5 red roses 

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