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Monday 13 September 2010

To Conquer A HIghlander

To Conquer a Highlander by Mary Wine

Publisher: Sourcebooks

July 2010

ISBN: 978-1-4022-5619-6

Pages: 222

Scotland 1437

Shannon McBoyd has always struggled to be the meek obedient woman that she has been taught to be. She also knows that for her to be the hotheaded and hot blooded self that she truly is will make her life much more difficult than it has always been. Now she has been kidnapped to stop her father from raiding the McLeren lands. With all the turmoil going on at the Scottish court that is causing an upheaval with the politics in Scotland Shannon must find a way to survive not only the McLeren’s but also what is happening in the royal court.

Torin McLeren is trying to stop the McBoyds from raiding his lands. First he has to stop McBoyd and he then also has to make sure that he doesn’t get caught up in the politics at court. One way to stop the McBoyds is to grab Shannon and keep her with him so that they will not be able to attack his people and lands anymore. What he never expected was to find a woman with a spirit that could easily match his own. Now Torin is going to have to decide the best way to stop the feuds between their clans with the least amount of bloodshed and that will make all their people happy. That is not going to be as easy as he would like but he has an idea that just might work. Though for it to work Torin is going to have to get Shannon to go along with it and that will not be easy as Shannon has a mind of her own and her own ideas on how things should be.

With the upheaval at court and the problems between their people things are not going to be as easy to fix as Torin and Shannon would like. If they are not careful they might make a misstep that could easily cost one or both of them their lives. They are going to have learn to trust each other and find a way that will shed the least amount of blood and make everyone happy. Shannon is gaining the respect of the McLeren people which is sure to help but there are those that will never accept her. Only time will tell if Torin and Shannon are going to be able to survive all the turmoil or if one of them will pay the ultimate price.

This is story that draws the reader into the history of Scotland and brings to life all that was happening at that time. The author writes a story that is so rich in detail that brings the characters to life. With the historical backdrop this is one not to miss. All the twists and turns in this story really makes for an interesting read. It will be hard for the reader to put the book down until the very end.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses

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