Christmas Awards 2011

Sunday 19 April 2009

A Knight's Captive

Paperback 346 pages

Zebra Historical Romance ISBN 13-978-1-4201-0362-5

US $4.99
Can $5.99

This novel of Saxon/Norman conflict is filled with adventure throughout. Sunniva of Wexford is at the mercy of a brutal, uncaring father and half brothers who treat her as if she is a slave. Travelling on a pilgrimage for the sake of her father’s painful leg, Sunniva is under constant attack both from her family and from slavers who would sell her as a whore. Her beauty has attracted the attention of Marc de Sens, a Breton knight travelling with his nieces. It is Marc who saves her from brutality and capture, but he has a secret.

Sunniva is falling for Marc, but pretends to have a betrothed waiting for her, because of her father’s attitude. At first she cannot believe that any man would treat her with kindness and love, but as their journey continues and she is Marc’s captive their feelings become impossible to ignore. Yet in such violent times can this mismatched pair ever find peace and happiness?

This is a powerful book, the writing strong, sensual with beautiful descriptive passages. I suggest another winner from this popular author.
Five red roses, Linda Sole

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