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Sunday, 12 October 2008

One Ring to Rule

Title: ONE RING TO RULEAuthor: Charlotte McClainGenre: Romantic ComedyPublication Date: September 2008Book Length: Short storyPrice: $2.50E-bookPublisher:
Delightful Rating: four red rosesA formidable editor of her own publishing company, Lindsey Cartwright is bravely coping with life, coming to terms with the sudden abandonment she had suffered at the hands of Kent Farrington four years ago. Now that Kent Farrington has suddenly come crawling back into her life, Lindsey has the unwelcoming prospect of handling such a frustrating and emotional encounter during a busy convention. What does Kent Farrington want? Why has he returned? Lindsey will have to wait and see.McClain throws in all the necessary ingredients whipping up a delicious novel, making it a delectable read.Delightfully Reviewed by Delores Airey for Red Roses For Authors.

This book is also featured at Delores Airey's one blog. Lucky author!

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Christa Maurice said...

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it.