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Tuesday 1 April 2008

Bare Bones

Bare Bones by Aline de Chevigny / Red rose Publishing/ ebook

Joanna refuses to believe that Christian is dead. Everyone else may have come to that conclusion but she won’t give up the hope that he will come back home. To prove everyone wrong she goes to the last place he was believed to be alive. It has been almost a year since Christian disappeared while talking to Joanna on his sat phone. Joanna is even more upset since their last conversation was an argument.

Joanna has always thought of Christian as her best friend until he was suddenly gone from her life. Realizing that her feelings have always been deeper she sets out to find him – dead or alive.

Sensing she is being followed but not sure what or who, she tries not to let her fear show. She refuses to leave the woods Christian had loved without an answer. Talking to herself and admitting her feelings Joanna doesn’t realize she has been overheard.

While searching a clearing she finds an object that convinces Joanna that Christian was there at least at some point. It also shows her that he loved her too. With this evidence she is more determined than ever to find the answers she is looking for. Will it be the answer she is hoping for?

This was a fun book to read. The characters were very engrossing. This is a short story that is very entertaining.

I give this one 4 red roses

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