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Monday 30 April 2007

The Spellbound Bride

The Spellbound Bride/Theresa Myers/Triskelion/ebook

This mesmerising book begins with Sorcha willing her second bridegroom to take her maidenhead without dying, but unfortunately for the poor man he does not last until morning and she is labelled as a witch. That is the good news for us because it is the start of a wonderful novel set in Scotland in what was for the most part thought of as the Elizabethan age.

Her guardian goes hotfoot to the king to beg for another chance to prove that Sorcha is not a witch and can be bedded. Enter the hero, a mercenary who needs money to begin his life anew after his bride-to-be's betrayal in his brother's bed! But what Ian wants even more than money is a bride he can trust!! And Sorcha's apparent determination not to be bedded leads to a lot of mistrust but also some good fun for the reader.

All the ingredients for a cracking novel are here; excitement, danger, sexy encounters in the way this reader likes them! - and an added mystery. Just why do all her bridegrooms seem to be bewitched? There may even be a royal connection...this book is riveting, fantastic and gorgeous. Love it, love it, love it! A bouquet of red roses! Anne

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