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Saturday, 17 March 2007

Temptation Unleashed!

Temptation Unleashed/Kari Thomas/Triskelion ebook

Venture into a world of magic and shapeshifting. A strong and determined shapeshifter Aiden will do anything to keep Kira the Witch his, as they are unexpectedly brought together by dangers and betrayal, to find the healing powers of love.

Kari Thomas has interwoven magic, romance and sensuality in one big adventurous read. For this fun shapeshifting adventure filled with magic. I give four roses. MP
I loved this too, Kari, Anne!

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Anonymous said...

THANKS, Anne for the great review! I'm soooo glad you liked the book! I'm working on my next book's plot, but it will be different from T.U., so here's hoping you'll like it as much, too!