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Thursday, 15 March 2007

Boys Down Under!

Boys down Under/ Five stories in one book/ Triskelion.
Havoc Retreat – Karen Mandeville
The executioner – Maggie Nash
Hooked – Sarah Dickenson
Operation seduction – Angela Verdenius
Visiting Paradise – Jessica Dee
This is a collection of short novels set in Australia and gives a broad picture of life there with the hunky men Australia is famed for. In the first book a backpacking trip into the rainforest leads to all kinds of accidents for Katie and Matthew, which result in them spending their time between patching each other up and making love. This is sexy and fun, with the couple getting lost but managing to find the kind of love that means something,
In the second a team training exercise leads to murder and the rediscovery of love between Nick and Maddie. Maddie doesn't understand why Nick dumped her and she is trying to rebuild her life. What she doesn't need is to discover that he is a part of the new job she has taken on. Exciting and mysterious, this book was very enjoyable.
The third book is more exotic and deals with the life of a shape shifter, who spends a part of her life as a fish and her time on land looking for human love. This is a very different kind of story, with echoes of The Little Mermaid from the fairytale. I thought it was fun and enjoyed it
The fourth is a doctor/nurse relationship in the outback, but set in the future with the service using a spaceship rather than a plane. Reg and Digby are the flying nurse and doctor of the future. We have futuristic cattle rustlers and I found it imaginative and great fun. It also deals with a woman's feelings about being unattractive because of her size, which gives it something more.
The fifth story is about a trip on a luxury yacht and is pure seduction, both the physical kind and also the description of the beautiful scenery. Beth is nervous of getting hurt, but her boss has designs on her heart and her body. A really good read! This is an enjoyable book because of the variety of the stories and settings. Sexy and fun, it is recommended for light reading. Award five red roses, Morna.


Maggie said...

Oh thankyou for your kind comments. We had a ball wrtiing this anthology and we're so pleased you enjoyed reading it

Jess Dee said...

Thank you! I love receiving roses. And five red ones from you is a real treat!