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Monday, 26 March 2007

Coming Home/Emily Brevard/The Wild Rose Press/ebook/

Jenna Wade's marriage has ended and with that all her faith , hopes and dreams of her own family. Returning home to her mother, she shuts out the rest of the world. She feels that her life is over, and she will never find nor want love again. Through her depression and loss Jenna finds a unexpected friend in Jake McConnell. Jake has always held his faith that had kept him moving on through his own crisis. Jake has fallen in love with Jenna and wants to see her live again and not hide from life and wants her to take a second chance to find happiness, love and trusting along with rebuilding her faith. Coming Home is an emotional read filled with inspiration. I really liked this story very much. It's wonderfuly filled with ups and downs and all about being brave enough to take that second chance in life and not let life slip by. I give this wonderful story a bouquet of roses. MP

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Toni Anderson said...

Well done Emily, my friend!!!