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Monday, 5 March 2007

The Gladiator's Honor

The Gladiator's Honor/Michelle Styles/Harlequin Historicals/ISBN 1397803732417-6/pb/295pgs

Valens the Thracian has gained respect and fame for his valour and bravery as a gladiator, but when Julia first sees him she does not know him. He is used to having women fall at his feet and finds her ignorance of his identity amusing, but when he looks at her lovely face something stirs inside him. When she slips and hurts her ankle, Valens proves that he can be gentle and tender, which sets up a strange longing in Julia's breast. The attraction between them is strong, but love between a Patrician lady and a gladiator is forbidden. Can Valens overcome the obstacles in his way and claim his lady?

This is a stunning debut novel from a brilliant new writer. A romance set in ancient Rome that is enthralling and different. Not to be missed! It isn't surprising that this book has been short listed for the RNA Romance Prize. Award five red roses. Anne

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