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Thursday, 8 March 2007

The Hellfire Series

Anne Herries/M&B Historical/Regency
The First in the series is called: The Improper Companion. Daniel, Earl of Cavendish has returned and highly bored with the ton since his lively adventurous life in the Peninsular War. Soon boredom disappears as there's a mystery to solve. One involving the disappearances of gently bred girls. Soon the investigation leads to danger, especially to his mother's new companion, the beautiful Miss Elizabeth Travers, who he just can't resist!
Second is: The Wealthy Widow. Arabella is a Lady haunted by her late husband's death caused by the War and the memory of that past love sweeping away all hope for a new husband. But as dangers of fortune hunters near with deadly attentions, Lady Arabella turns to Charles Hunter for protection and sets to solve the mystery of his abducted sister. But more and more she becomes entranced by Charles, should she take this second chance at love?
Third is: A Worthy Gentlemen. Sarah Hunter is saved from abduction and sets out on a new life. But is soon faced with the mystery of the man she once loved and who saved her life. Mr Elsworthy is a man whose name is being tarnished by rumours and dark secrets. Will it break their refound companionship or can she regain love?
Anne Herries has a unique style all her own and writes deep moving tales.
Victoria Holt Gothic style Regency. Filled with danger and a touch of darkness. That is filled with a light of hope, love, and redeeming of what was once lost. The Hellfire Series are touching and beautiful. Deep compassion and mystery. And full of passionate characters.
For such an 'personally' touching read of Mysteries I give The Hellfire Mysteries a bouquet of roses rating.

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