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Tuesday, 13 March 2007

The Inconvenient Duchess

THE INCONVENIENT DUCHESS./ Christine Merrill./ HMB paperback
ISBN 13; 978-0-84674-4

Miranda, born to the upper classes but now forced to earn a living
through no fault of her own, is sent to the home of The Duke of Haughleigh where she is told that the Duke, will accept her, as his bride. No coach was sent to meet her by the Duke's household when she arrived in the village, so she walks to the house through the grounds and is caught in a storm. Arriving wet, cold and unexpected she faces ruin. Can the resourceful girl win happiness against all odds with the handsome but apparently bad tempered Marcus, Duke of Haughleigh?
. Due to a promise made to his late mother and the fact that in appearing as she did alone, she faces ruin, he agrees to marry Miranda and then leaves her on their wedding night, to go where?
Miranda has secrets, which she cannot divulge to anyone about her past life. She is lonely while the Duke is away but faces the challenges of the house, which has been sadly neglected for years, taking charge and setting the servants to work to bring the house alive, again.
While he is away in London the Duke attempts to find out whom Miranda really is and why his mother demanded that he should marry her.
There is a feud between the Duke and his younger brother St John, who returns to the house while Marcus is away. He befriends Miranda but should she trust him? This is a house of secrets - can she and Marcus find happiness together and create a family home again.
The main characters unfold well as you progress through the novel and I found it a good read, with a satisfying ending. An exciting Historical Romance, which makes you want to unfold all of the secrets within the story.
I would give this book 4 roses. AS

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