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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

The Garrison:Catwalk

The Garrison: Catwalk/Anglea Verdenius/Triskelion/Science fiction/ebook
A planet in melt down because of the greedy abuse by a mining company that has brought it to destruction; a prison that holds aliens, and Styx, a drug that helps pain but is addictive. These are just some of the problems Thrower and Lucia Isles have to overcome as they try to escape from being trapped underground when the planet begins to self-destruct.
This is an exciting, all action adventure laced with imaginative descriptions of fantastic creatures and space oddities. Thrower and Lucia are guards at the Garrison; Lucia the senior and blessed with the extra strength that being a half-breed Banoi has given her. Suffering from withdrawal symptoms now that he no longer has the Styx to ease his intense pain caused by a previous injury, Thrower has to rely on her to help him when he is badly mauled by one of the aliens. The two bond together in their need to escape all the dangers that face them, falling first into lust and then realising their love as they battle their way to safety. The needling that goes on between these two is what holds the story together, their growing feelings for each other giving the story it's romantic heart. I found this a powerful, compelling story that kept me reading to the end. It isn't strictly a romance so I can't give it a bouquet of roses, but for the strong love story within the adventure plot I will give five red roses, Anne

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