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Thursday, 8 March 2007

Falcon's Honour

Falcon's Honour/Denise Lynn/Mills & Boon/ ISBN 13978026385160/ £3.69/296 pgs

England 1142
The Lady Rhian of Gervaise wants nothing more than to escape her fate, which is to be escorted to her family and given to a stranger in marriage. Lord Gareth Faucon is equally determined that she will be safely delivered to her mother's people as the King has decreed. Unknown to him, there are dark forces at work as an evil man plots her death. Only Gareth stands between her and certain destruction, but as he battles to save her life and complete his mission, he finds himself unable to deny the passion that flares between them.
Denise Lynn has written a delightful medieval story, which blends passion and desire with mystery and a sinister thread of mysticism and danger.
Award five red roses, Anne

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