Christmas Awards 2011

Thursday, 8 March 2007

Playing with Fire

Playing with fire/Judith Rochelle/Triskelion/ebook

Rochelle has written a riveting story about love and betrayal. Six years previously, Cassie Fitzgerald had run away from her home town and a broken love affair, but now she was back for her mother's funeral. She hoped to arrange it all and leave in a few days, but that was before she met Cole Martin again and everything came rushing back. The pain and pleasure mixed together to turn her traitorous body weak with longing. And there was something else! No one wanted to talk about Cassie's sister Diane. She'd been murdered after Cassie left home and despite the fact that he had a cast iron alibi, everyone seemed to blame the man she still loved.

Can Cassie discover the truth and find happiness? This deeply sensual page turner will keep you reading to the end and the love scenes explode off the page. This is for 18+ but a terriffic read.
Award five red roses. Morna

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