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Saturday, 10 March 2007

Cutlasses & Caresses

Cutlasses & Caresses
Jean Fullerton/Historical/Triskelion Publishing
ISBN: 1-60186-057-9

Prudence Stone is a strong spirited Heroine with determination when she arives in Port Royal, a pirate capital of dangerous intrigue, only to find her Fiance captured by a notorious pirate and left with no inheirentence till his return.

Prudence sets out to see that he is safely returned to her. And will do anything to succeed. In her search comes across Nathan Frazer -who aids her in her in finding her Fiance. But Prudence is no lady to sit and let adventure pass her by as she fights to find her Fiance. But can they both resist the temptation and desires of another along the way?

Jean Fullerton writes an vivid 1680's pirate adventure filled with strong sensuality and love. I love the characters lively personalities and the strong sense of passion and exotic setting. For this truly delightful exotic read I give a four rose rating.

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Jean Fullerton said...

Thanks you for my wonderful review and look out for Midnight Marriage

Jean Fullerton