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Friday, 16 March 2007

A Scandalous Situation

A Scandalous Situation/ By Patricia Rowell/ HMB/paperback
ISBN 13-978-0-263-84669-0
Iantha Kethley is a beautiful girl with a dark secret, which threatens to distroy her life. The secret is held deep within her soul. She holds everyone, including her family at arms' length, until an accident brings Lord Duncan into her life. He tries to help her but she points a pistol at him warning him to keep his distance. Will she accept his offer of help in her dangerous predicament?
Suddenly a snow slide almost buries her pony and cart. Lord Duncan springs from his horse grabs her and saves her life. The gun flies from her grasp.
She has no option but to trust him and go to his castle, as the roads are impassable behind them. Can she live within the castle walls with no other woman present and retain her sanity?
Lord Duncan tries to understand his guest’s fears and wonders what has happened to her in the past. He too has a terrible tragedy in his past and so feels a bond with her, but Iantha keeps him at arms length and reveals nothing that could help him find the answers.
Knowing that having Iantha in his home for several days with no chaperone will ruin her he determines to ask for her hand in marriage when he is able to return her to her family.
When he can at last take her home he learns of her terrible ordeal, which has completely changed her. He is shocked, but holds to his offer of marriage, desperately hoping that he can save her.
They have many difficulties to overcome, can Iantha learn to trust Lord Duncan, will their union be fulfilled and will she once again learn to live as a whole woman? Read this exciting book and find all of the answers.
An exciting Historical Romance, which is something out of the ordinary and has been well researched in the field of human trauma and the way back to normality.
I award this book 4 roses. As

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Patti--Patricia Frances Rowell said...

Thank you for such a lovely review! I feel honored.

Patricia Frances Rowell