Christmas Awards 2011

Sunday, 25 March 2007


L.A.Kelly/Published by Fleming H. Revell-Backerpublishinggroup/Historical Fiction

With an Honorable Heroine and an Unlikely Hero, Tahn is a story alive and deeply filled with all things of life. From regrets, dark memories, that is given hope and replaced by faith, forgiveness and above all love, to move onward. Tahn is a mercenary with dark troubles and deeds in his past that should never had been done, filling his life with pain and regrets. Now Tahn must choose between what he feels is right or be forever slaved by the corruption of his master. His new mission is to kidnap Noble Lady Netta from the House of Trillet. This time it would not be an easy task. For many lives were at stake and the freedom of children he hoped to set free from his cruel master. Unsure of compassionate Netta and doubting her God, but through this woman so filled with hope and faith and her compassion, he was beginning to see a new light... Netta was willing to risk her life itself to help free him of his torture, and show him the meaning of love.
A tale of bravery, compassion and love. L.A.Kelly sweeps one from the beginning to the very end filled with excitement, and has written such a beautiful tale and for this I give five red roses. MP

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