Christmas Awards 2011

Saturday, 17 March 2007


Decieved/Nicola Cornick/Harlequin Historicals
Princess Isabella must make a hasty marriage to be relieved of her debts to a man she once loved long ago, Marcus. But Marcus is now bent upon revenge and wants her in more ways than in name only.

Will this old passion now consume them both as they are confronted with their temptations or is this a greater love than they ever imagined?

Nicola Cornick writes a charming tale of the old flames of love. People with hidden desires and past love once lost to be refound again , just as alive if not more then when it was lost. Filled with new hope of the second chances they find togather. I really enjoy old-love-lost tales to be refound again, bringing two people together again to refind that missing love. These stories to me are unforgetable. For this I give five roses. MP

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