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Sunday, 11 March 2007

Secret Contract

This " up and at you" book starts with a bang on page one and carries on the same way to the end. Carly Jones is in prison for hacking into a USA Government computer and has five more years to go. When she and three other women are offered a chance to start over in exchange for helping in an undercover assignment, Carly plans her escape. Once she is out she will find a way to disappear. However, she finds herself being drawn deeper and deeper into the mission until she realises that she is caught fast. She has become part of a team and is falling hard for Nick Tarasov, the team leader.
This exciting fast-paced story is very much for lovers of intrigue and computers but can be enjoyed by everyone. The writing is gutsy and the love story takes a while to kick in but it is a satisfying read and recommended. Award four red roses. Morna

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