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Monday, 16 July 2007

Runners Moon: Jebaral

Linda Mooney/Runners Moon/Whiskey Creek Press/ebook/229 pages/Book one of a series

Jebaral Gittall Morr, his brother Simon and others, have escaped from certain death on Barandat. They hope that here on planet Earth the Arra will not find them and they may live in peace.

Hannah is a human and lives who Carl who mistreats her, but she is attracted to Jeb in his human form, which he assumes during the day. Jeb likes her very much but needs to keep on the move, because he has no real papers and, as an alien, he cannot take a blood test. He is planning to go away but then Hannah is badly beaten and Jeb knows he has to take her with him to protect her.

Jeb can tell by the scent that Hannah gives off that she is deeply attracted to him in his human form, but could she love him when he is Ruinos? He believes that he cannot make love to her in human form, and though Hannah shows her love he tries to avoid physical contact – and then one night Hannah discovers the truth. It is her ability to love despite the initial shock of discovery that makes this book a love story. But can they overcome all the difficulties of living and loving each other, and can they keep safe?

This imaginiative book is well written, and has the warmth and togetherness I expect from a good romance, and for that I give it 5 red roses, Anne

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