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Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The Novice Bride

Carol Townend/The Novice Bride/HMB / 0-37330526-1/paperback/$5.99 USA/$6.99 Can/Historical/ August 07 release

Lady Cecily of Fulford is a novice but has not yet taken her vows when her sister arrives at the convent and tells her that their mother is dead after giving birth to a baby boy. The manor has been given by Duke William of Normandy to one of his knights and the sisters fear for their brother’s life. However, the duke has ordered that Cecily’s elder sister shall marry Sir Adam Wymark, but Emma has other ideas. She is determined to run away and begs her sister to take her place. Cecily refuses her, but when Sir Adam comes looking for his runaway bride she is moved to offer herself in Emma’s place. She tells herself that is for her baby brother’s sake, but is that whole truth?

This is an exciting tale of the reality of conquest. We often hear about the Battle of Hastings and Harold’s death, but little is said of the period immediately following that time. This book brings reality to the story of a conquered people, their hopes fears and rebellions, sometimes small, sometimes larger. I very much enjoyed this tender love story and look forward to reading more from an excellent writer who was new to me. I award five red roses, Anne

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