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Friday, 20 July 2007

Only In Her Dreams

Veronica Towers/Only In her Dreams/Dark Castle
Sarah Montague's father was killed saving the life of another soldier. So when Captain Marcus Derning comes to her rescue and gives up his cabin for her on the shop back to England, he is returnin a favour. He does not expect to find himself enchanted by this young woman. Nor does he expect the carriage to have an accident and then to be shot at by...mysterious rogues. His teasing as they travel together causes Sarah to run off secretly, but he follows her to her cousin's mission in London. Marcus asks her to marry him but she refuses him. How could she expect to marry a man like that? She is the quartermaster's daughter and he is related to a duke! There will be a lot more dark twists before Sarah can expect to find happiness.

This is a good Regency story with plenty of pace and excitement. I enjoyed it. 4.5 red roses, Anne

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