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Friday, 13 July 2007

The Destined Queen

Deborah Hale/The Destined Queen/Harlequin-Luna/

The Destined Queen

A destiny is to be fullfilled as Maura has been choosen to protect her country after awakening the Waiting King. Setting off on a journy to learn about herself and newfound magic, and to find a magical staff. She must fight against the invaders come to claim her country. With promises to the king to keep and a world to save. And a love that's overpowering. Maura is still determind to win.

Deborah Hale has left her mark of magical reads. In both Luna/Harlequin to Historical/Harlequin books. Filled with enchanted love and adventurous romance. Dangerous worlds and the love that conquers all. The Destined Queen is one of those magical and beautifully written stories. Alive and catching to the imagination, so easily one is transported to a magical world. I really enjoy Deborah Hales stories and I highly recomend any of her reads!! Five Red Roses. MP.

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